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Lisa Bianco, ACC is an Associate Certified Coach specializing in productivity for professionals. She empowers you to be more productive by working smarter not harder using her Power to Productivity process. She believes being busy, and multi-tasking is not helping you accomplish your goals faster. It only creates more overwhelm and an unbalanced life. She helps you to stop being "busy" and start being productive by getting organized and setting priorities to get your important tasks completed.

As a Professional Organizer and business owner since 2013, she understands the importance of having strategies and systems in place to save you both time and money. She will coach you through your blocks of fear and procrastination that prevent you from using these systems effectively. Her goal is for you to accomplish all your goals, so you can have the freedom to live your life fulfilling your passions and purpose.

We asked Lisa a series of questions. 

1. How long have you been a coach and where did you train?
I have been a Professional Organizer since 2013. I was introduced to coaching at an organizing conference in 2016. I realized that a lot of organizers that I enjoyed being around are also coaches. After the conference, I was invited to attend a retreat. At the time I was working with a coach who wasn’t helping me at all. At the retreat working with an ICF coach was an entirely different experience. I learned quickly the difference between people calling themselves a coach and what a real coach is. Attending this retreat led me to pursue coaching. My next steps after the retreat were to pursue a coaching certification to add Productivity Coaching to my business. I trained with the Life Purpose Institute in 2017. I received my ACC in 2018.

2. What was the biggest surprise you experienced about being trained as a coach?
That you are truly the expert of your life and you do have the all the powers within in you to succeed. That is why I named my business “Power is Within.” Also, using my coaching training and skills as a professional organizer has been a profound experience. Allowing the sessions to be more client led me to the importance of organizing to their own personal style. Being trained on how to ask powerful questions help me better discover what is really going on beneath all the stuff they own.

3. What led you to ICF St. Louis, and what are the benefits you receive by being a member? 
As a new coach, I was looking for a community of likeminded people. The benefits of being in a supportive environment helped me grow as a coach. I always look forward to learning something new at every meeting. Being a part of the leadership team has also been a great experience.

4. Who do you love to serve and why?
I love to serve entrepreneurs and professionals who struggle with productivity. I believe in working smarter not harder. Trying to find the balance between a schedule and allowing more flexibility in your day involves changing your habits and mindset. I discovered the reason we fill our homes with too much is the same reason we cram our days with too much. The process to organize your stuff is the same as organizing your time. It involves getting rid a lot of the excess. My clients think they need to be in a constant state of motion to be productive. I love it when they discover that having a little structure to their day brings them more freedom, less stress and more success with their work getting done with leaving plenty of time to do what they love.

5. What one recommendation would you make to prospective coaches considering entering our profession?

I would recommend they look from their past experiences to find who they want to best serve and then structure your business on that type of coaching that fits their client’s needs. Your business will bring you more joy when you are working with the people you were meant to help.

6. Who are some of the people in our profession that have influenced you very positively?

I am very grateful for a fellow organizer/coach who asked me to work with her on a joint venture we started Joyful You Joyful Business. Working alongside her planning and leading retreats, facilitating workshops and speaking at conferences has led me to be more confident in my coaching abilities and led me to become a better coach.
Also, the members of the chapter especially the leadership team have been very welcoming and supportive.

If you have achieved a coaching milestone, please let us know about it.  We want to spotlight as many members as possible.

Meeting Location:

The Heights Community Center
Argus Room
8001 Dale Ave.
Richmond Heights, Mo 63117

5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Networking 5:30- 5:45pm 

4th Tuesday of the month!
2019 Dates:
 Sept 24, Oct 22, Nov 19
Holiday Party: Dec. 10

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